Publications internationales: 1985 – 1991

1985 – 1991 :

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► Z. HADJOUB, A. DOGHMANE, R. CAPLAIN, J. M. SAUREL and J. ATTAL “Acoustic Microscopy Investigation of Nonplanar Surfaces” IEE, Electron. Lett. 27(6), p. 537 (1991).

► Z. HADJOUB, K. ALAMI, A. DOGHMANE and J. ATTAL “Acoustic Microscopy Modes Generation Using Small Aperture Lenses” Electron. Lett. 27(11), p. 981 (1991).

► G. despaud, L. robert, j. attal, p. girard, A. DOGHMANE and Z. HADJOUB “Scanning Acoustic Microscopy: Reliability in Processing High Power Semiconductor Devices” in Microelectronic Symposium of IFTSA, p. 119 (1991).

► J. GOMEZ-MORALEZ, R. RODRIGUES, J. DURAND, H. FERDJ-ALLAH, Z. HADJOUB, j. attal and A. DOGHMANE “Characterisation and Identification of Berlinite Crystals by Acoustic Microscopy” J. Mater. Res. 6(11), p. 2484 (1991).

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